Great design, strategy + ongoing support so you can

We offer install services, design services & general tech help.

install services

The theme install package is ideal for those that don’t want the difficulty of installing everything, or perhaps you are brand-new to WordPress / Shopify + it’s a little intimidating.


design services

This package is ideal for those that don’t have the time or want the hassle with designing the homepage to look and feel impressive. Let us install and upload the new theme + all the plugins.


general designer help that saves you time

⟶  adding, removing, modifying widget sections
⟶  designing a custom logo section ie: adding sticky nav, editing logo sections…
⟶  integrating custom fonts
⟶  adjusting broken layouts
⟶  troubleshooting
⟶  emergency assistance available after hours at additional cost
⟶  + more… if you need it, we can assist with it